The Dance Center of Spokane emphasizes bringing the enjoyment and performance of dance to all ages and levels.

Our studio offers a diverse range of styles.


Focuses on fun, yet careful, training for all ages. Our ballet teachers are all either registered teachers of the Royal Academy of Dance or were professional dancers. We follow a syllabus that emphasizes age appropriate training with special care to develop the dancers correctly in relation to what their bodies can handle as they grow. At the end of each level, students get a chance to present their work to a visiting examiner. We strive to have live piano in the classroom when available. Spokane Ballet Ensemble, a non-profit Ballet Company, is in residence at the Dance Center of Spokane. This company gives our older students, Intermediate Foundation and above, the chance to perform classical ballets while doing outreach performances in the community.


We teach the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus. This syllabus follows the same body awareness guidelines as the Ballet program. At the end of each level students get a chance to present their work to a visiting examiner. We also offer an Adult Tap program!


A 9-level program that follows a syllabus created by Ciara Murano-Steele. This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and whirling turns. We also offer contemporary/lyrical, modern and partnering classes for older students.

Hip Hop

It’s going strong! With a fantastic new team of teachers this program couldn’t be better! These classes are great for building strength, flexibility and rhythm. We are offering performance classes at both the intermediate and advanced level! Plus we are adding Hip Hop classes for 5-7 yr olds.

Tiny Tots

For the tiny tots we have Toddlers, Tutus, & Ties and Ballet & Tumble. These classes have both dancing and tumbling for our younger students, ages 1-5. This is a great foundation for the students; promoting rhythm, coordination and basic motor skills.

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